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Popcorn Words

Currently we are working on list number 3.


Focus word/s this week 2/25-3/1:





Phonemic Awareness and Focus Letters

Consonant and Vowel letter review ( letter id and sound recognition)


Handwriting for letters Gg and Jj


C-V-C words


Focus letter: Rr


Writing our last names


Counting backwards from 20


Number bonds


story problems (adding and subtracting) to 5

Mrs. Meyer's Kindergarten

Playdoh Planets
Playdoh Planets
Christmas Math Baskets
Christmas Math Baskets
Our spider investigation table
Our spider investigation table

Center time!

We are finding the letters in our new popcorn word  can.

We can find the word  can !
Sorting abc crabs at the sand table.

Information for Parents

We are working on recognizing and writing our last names. Please have your child practice this at home when possible. 


Special Class Rotation

February 25-March 1:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: library and Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Computer Lab

Friday: STEM