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Focus Letters

November 6-30 :  Focus letter  Uu


Review Letters : Mm  Aa  Nn  Ff  Vv  Pp  Bb Ii Tt Cc Kk Dd







Writing numbers

Counting by 10's to 100

5 groups ( 5 & 1 is 6, etc)

Mrs. Meyer's Kindergarten

Christmas Math Baskets
Christmas Math Baskets
Our spider investigation table
Our spider investigation table

Center time!

We are finding the letters in our new popcorn word  can.

We can find the word  can !
Sorting abc crabs at the sand table.

Information for Parents

We are starting a class journal that will document our daily classroom activities. As time permits I will be sending these home throughout the week for you to see. They are similar to our "Today we" papers with the photos that I have sent home in the past. Just more of a "journal" format. I hope you enjoy these! 


- Coming soon:   

             Follow our class on Instagram to catch a glimpse of some of our classroom activities.


Special Class Rotation

December 10-15:

Monday: Computer Lab

Tuesday: library and Stem

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music 

Popcorn Words


Popcorn Words are the sight words your child will be working on this year. They are called "popcorn words" because they "POP" up in many of our books, charts and shared writing activities! An updated list will be sent home with your child during the first quarter of the school year. 


August 20-24 words:  I, can 

August 27-31 words:  we, the, a

September 4-7 words: review week

September 10-14: of

September 17-21: and

September 24-28: to , like 

October 1-5:  in

October 8-12  go

October 15-19 see.....This completes list 1 of our popcorn words.

October 22-26  We are starting list number 2. Our first words are:      have      play

November 5-9:  it, is 

November 22-30:  was you (last week)  and this week  for

December 3-7:  are have

December 10-15:  that