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Staff Directory

To contact a teacher via email, just click on the appropriate envelope icon in front of their name. Teachers with active websites are listed in blue. To access their website, just click on the teachers name.

Contact Jamie Aholt  Jamie Aholt Second Grade Teacher
Contact Erin Allen  Erin Allen Speech / Language
Contact Kristen Bauer  Kristen Bauer Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Kelly Biser  Kelly Biser Music Teacher
Contact Kelsey Bowers  Kelsey Bowers Second Grade Teacher
Contact Laura Broadbent  Laura Broadbent Second Grade Teacher
Contact Heather Brown  Heather Brown SPED Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Brueggemann  Elizabeth Brueggemann Academic Coach
Contact Ellen Burton  Ellen Burton Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Shannon Carico  Shannon Carico Title 1 Reading
Contact Amanda Carroll  Amanda Carroll SRO - CE
Contact Amanda Click  Amanda Click Nurse
Contact Ryan Coons  Ryan Coons PE Teacher
Contact Christina Cooper  Christina Cooper Third Grade Teacher
Contact Olivia Coppedge  Olivia Coppedge Paraprofessional
Contact Sarah Coyle  Sarah Coyle Third Grade Teacher
Contact Lauren Davis  Lauren Davis First Grade Teacher
Contact Lyndsay Douglas  Lyndsay Douglas First Grade Teacher
Contact Lauren Droege  Lauren Droege Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Dunne  Elizabeth Dunne Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Judy Dunne  Judy Dunne First Grade Teacher
Contact Trease Ellison  Trease Ellison Nurse
Contact Danielle Farrell  Danielle Farrell Clerk
Contact Sarah Fischer  Sarah Fischer Second Grade Teacher
Contact Billie Hardester  Billie Hardester Aide
Contact Dawn Harris  Dawn Harris Title 1 Reading Teacher
Contact Colleen Jacquin  Colleen Jacquin Paraprofessional
Contact Jay Johnson  Jay Johnson Third Grade Teacher
Contact Megan Julius  Megan Julius Project Children
Contact Megan Kampmann  Megan Kampmann Nurse
Contact Jodi Keathley  Jodi Keathley Counselor
Contact Paula Kissinger  Paula Kissinger Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Katie Kluesner  Katie Kluesner First Grade Teacher
Contact Michele Koelling  Michele Koelling Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Kathleen Kopmann  Kathleen Kopmann Speech / Language
Contact Krista Langenbacher  Krista Langenbacher Paraprofessional
Contact Leslie Lause  Leslie Lause Principal
Contact Gena Lebish  Gena Lebish Counselor
Contact Leah Maconochie  Leah Maconochie Second Grade Teacher
Contact Bridget Marler  Bridget Marler Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Linda Mathews  Linda Mathews Librarian
Contact Gina Merritt  Gina Merritt Special Education Teacher
Contact Bobbie Meyer  Bobbie Meyer Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Jessica Meyer  Jessica Meyer Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Megan Meyer  Megan Meyer Third Grade Teacher
Contact Carmen Newman  Carmen Newman Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Cathy Nowak  Cathy Nowak Paraprofessional
Contact Joette Nowak  Joette Nowak Behavior Interventionist
Contact Beth Peters  Beth Peters First Grade Teacher
Contact Sally Phillips  Sally Phillips Assist. Principal
Contact Barb Placht  Barb Placht Art Teacher
Contact Willie Poggas  Willie Poggas STEM Teacher
Contact Lisa Robinson  Lisa Robinson SPED Paraprofessional
Contact Jodie Schatz  Jodie Schatz Third Grade Teacher
Contact Michelle Schauf  Michelle Schauf First Grade Teacher
Contact Sarah Schell  Sarah Schell Computer Lab Teacher
Contact Dana Schwengels  Dana Schwengels Sped Teacher
Contact Sarah Smith  Sarah Smith Second Grade Teacher
Contact Samantha Sokolowski  Samantha Sokolowski Title 1 Reading
Contact Felisha Starnes  Felisha Starnes ESL / ELL
Contact Mandi Sullivan  Mandi Sullivan Secretary
Contact Jessica Swanner  Jessica Swanner KIndergarten Teacher
Contact Stacy Titter  Stacy Titter Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Samantha VanWeelden  Samantha VanWeelden Special Education Teacher
Contact Abbie Walde  Abbie Walde Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Tracy Wall  Tracy Wall Academic Coach
Contact Jamie Watts  Jamie Watts Fourth Grade Teacher